HELLO! We ARE Thrive Union.

We nurture human well-being through education, community, and world embetterment.


ThriveUnion is the company of human well-being. Through intentional community-building and research-backed education, we’re shaping a world in which people feel empowered to progress from meaningless isolation to purposeful belonging. 

In our search for a life well lived – one of personal fulfillment and a desire to impact humanity’s greater good – we let reason be our guide, compassion our inspiration, and experience our teacher. Start your journey today.


The ThriveUnion community is a group of people who care deeply about creating intentionality in their lives, where everyone’s an active participant striving for growth, collective progress, and world embetterment.

Meet regularly at ThriveSundays & social events

Attend Life School & events

Contribute to the community and world embetterment

Meet regularly at ThriveSundays & social events

Attend Life School & events

Contribute to the community and world embetterment

We celebrate individuality but we know it requires interdependence to truly thrive, so we share our best ideas on how to live, put them into practice, together, and unite to solve communal problems.

We want you to do more than survive; we want you to thrive.


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Why we exist?

Despite a world of widespread prosperity and near infinite stimulation, humans have never felt more alone. In the quest for individuality and self-reliance, people have lost the sense of true belonging inherent in real-world communities. ThriveUnion aims to rebuild the togetherness we’re missing.

Nurture growth

We develop educational content to aide self-knowledge and human well-being. Join us for ThriveSundays, get involved in workshops, and immerse yourself in our videos.

Think globally

We understand that individual happiness can be maximized by working to benefit society. We partner with community charities, lead environmental initiatives, and take part in Suicide Prevention & Awareness walks.

Build belonging

We foster intentional communities where you can learn, grow, and know true belonging. Our regular events include supper clubs, hikes, game nights and connection exercises.


Do you want to learn how to thrive? Through our life-school, we produce research-backed video essays to help you on your way.

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